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 My  art print on the wooden key rings reflects the organic beauty of Ballyhiernan Bay/ White Shore . From the intricate detailing of the waves to the smooth finish that mimics the softness of the beach sands, every element is carefully considered. The lightweight and compact design make these key rings perfect for daily use, ensuring you can carry a piece of Donegal with you wherever life takes you.

Gifts from the Heart: Whether you're a local resident looking for a meaningful keepsake or a visitor eager to take home a unique souvenir, my Ballyhiernan Bay/ White Shore Wooden Key Rings make for heartfelt gifts. Share the beauty of Donegal with your loved ones or treat yourself to a reminder of the serene moments spent at Ballyhiernan Bay/ White Shore.

3mm MDF, sustainably sourced. 5x5cm square, with a 25mm split ring.

Sustainable Beauty

I am committed to sustainability. My wooden key rings are crafted from responsibly sourced materials, reflecting my dedication to eco-friendly practices. By choosing my key rings you not only adorn your space with natural beauty but also contribute to the preservation of the environment that inspired their creation.



Size  5x5cm  2 inches x 2 inches square

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