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Sustainable Beauty

 My wooden fridge magnets are crafted from responsibly sourced materials, reflecting my dedication to eco-friendly practices. By choosing my magnets, you not only adorn your space with natural beauty but also contribute to the preservation of the environment that inspired their creation.

Perfect Souvenirs and Gifts

Searching for a unique and meaningful souvenir? My Great Arch Fanad wooden fridge magnets are perfect for locals and visitors alike. Whether as a keepsake for yourself or a thoughtful gift for a nature enthusiast, these magnets are a reminder of the awe-inspiring landscapes that define Fanad.

Fridge Magnets

 With my  artworks of your favourite and scenery at your fridge These magnets will add memories on your fridge.

 Product Overview

 Material 3mm MDF, sustainably sourced. 

 Product Care and Cleaning Instructions

Not dishwasher safe

Do not dry clean and bleach.

Wipe clean



6x6cm square. 

2.5 inches x 2.5 inches.




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