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I just love painting this stunning Great Arch I found it hard to climb down to it through the fields. But it sure was worth taking my camera all the way down to get to Great Arch.  There is something special and magical and tranquil down at the arch. You need to be there to find out. 

The Great Pollet Sea Arch is a real hidden gem of Fanad in County Donegal. It is a spectacular natural sea arch and a fantastic example of marine erosion. It is located on a totally unspoiled stretch of coastline and has a lovely pebble beach adjoining it.

The Great Pollet Sea Arch is one of the most stunning sights on the rugged Donegal coastline. Located on the eastern side of the Fanad Peninsula the Great Pollet Sea Arch is one of the largest and most impressive sea arches in Ireland and is an awesome detour off the Fanad Head stretch of the Wild Atlantic Way.

In recent years the Great Pollet Sea Arch has become notoriously difficult to access but the magnificent sea arch is more than worth the effort!

Approx Measruments

31.5 x 14.5 inches

78.74 x 35.56 cm


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