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 Explore the coastal charm of Rathmullan, nestled on the picturesque shores of Lough Swilly in Co. Donegal, Ireland! This bustling seaside village comes alive in the summer months, welcoming families for leisurely walks along its sandy shores, from the pier to the stunning Kinnigar Beach.  As you stroll, majestic trees line your path, offering shade and serenity against the backdrop of the sparkling Swilly. Rathmullan's rich history adds intrigue to its beauty – in 1607, it witnessed the departure of the Flight of the Earls, and during the world wars, it served as a vital port for the British Fleet.  Don't miss the chance to hop on the ferry to Buncrana or witness the bustling activity of fish landing during autumn. Plan your visit to Rathmullan today and discover the allure of this coastal gem! 


 Approx measurement 



59 cm x 44 cm

23 inches x 17.5

As you gaze upon this masterpiece encased in its beautiful white frame, you'll discover a sense of tranquility and wonder, making it an enchanting addition to any space, elevating the ambiance and leaving an indelible impression.




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