Tablemats Glass Fanad Lighthouse in the Snow, C.o. Donegal, Ireland.

Glass Tablemats

Product Overview Cool Placemats/Worktop Protector.

Beautiful worktop saver protects your kitchen surfaces from spills and scratches. Made from toughened glass. Ultra hygienic, stain and odour resistant. Material.

Smooth Toughened Glass. Wash before use. Product Care and Cleaning Instructions.

Wipe Clean. Do not dry clean and bleach.

Keeps kitchen surfaces and tables clean and scratch-free when preparing food TOUGHENED GLASS: use this glass worktop protector to prepare ingredients, rest spoons mid-recipe and much

Rubber feet keeps it from slipping on the countertop.


Hygienic. Glass chopping board resists stains and odors

Can be used as a cutting mat, clear trivet, cheese plate or simply as an everyday use kitchen board.

Weight 1200g

Dimensions 28 x 20 cm ( 11 inches x 8 inches

Fanad Lighthouse

This oil painting of Fanad Lighthouse was a treasure to paint. It is such a stunning white lighthouse when I was painting it.  I love the way the light stands proud with the Atlantic ocean behind. People have wonderful memories at Fanad Lighthouse.  Among these are proposals engagements, weddings. With the rugged coastline around it . I could see how it stands out. Love painting Fanad Lighthouse.

Shining a light since 1817, this working lighthouse is now open to the public for lighthouse tours. Situated on the northern coast of the Fanad Peninsula in North Donegal, the lighthouse is a signature discovery point on the Wild Atlantic Way - a world-famous coastal route that spans seven of Ireland’s counties, taking in some breathtaking scenery along the way.

One of the worlds most beautiful and photographed lighthouses on one of Ireland’s headlands most northerly headlands in Fanad Co Donegal Ireland.

 The lighthouse has been keeping watch on the marine traffic since 1817.

In 1817 the Saldhana was wrecked in Lough Swilly with the loss of 254 souls with the only survivor the ships parrot.

It was after this tragedy that a lighthouse was built and was first lit on St Patrick's Day1817. It is now a holiday destination with apartments for rental.



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