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I just love Buncrana as this is where my family on my mother's side lived. When I was a child I loved going to Swan Park. This where Castle Bridge is situated at Swan Park. Buncrana is a very popular holiday resort.

Buncrana Castle

Buncrana Castle was built by George Vaughan in 1718 with the stone used to build it having been taken from the defensive wall that surrounded O' Doherty,s Keep, the 14th-century castle, which is located beside it.

It is, in essence, a large manor house and in that time period these types of houses would be known as ‘castles’. Where the castle was built was originally where the town of Buncrana lay.

Vaughan moved the town to the south of the river where it is now and he built the current main street and the Castle Bridge, a six-arched stone single-lane bridge, across the River Crana.

In the Irish Rebellion of 1798, an uprising against British rule in Ireland, Wolfe Tone was captured after the British/French naval battle off the coast of Donegal was held captive in Buncrana Castle before being sent to Dublin.

The house is privately owned and is not open to the general public, but can be viewed from the six-arched stone bridge and also from the pathway on the shore walk.

 Approx Measurements

55cm  25.5 I'm2

1.5 inches x 9.5 inches

Floating framed included.

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