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 Introducing: "Oceanic Majesty: The Twelve Apostles" 

 Transport yourself to the breathtaking shores of Australia's Great Ocean Road, where the stunning Twelve Apostles rise majestically from the vibrant blue-green waters, a sight that stole my breath away. 

 Capturing the essence of this awe-inspiring landscape in vibrant oil paints, I sought to convey the sharp beauty of the limestone pillars against the Caribbean-like glow of the ocean's hues. 

 Join me on a journey to Port Campbell National Park, where the remaining eight Apostles stand tall as a testament to the power and beauty of nature's artistry. 

 Let's celebrate the wonder of the world's natural treasures and the joy of discovery with "Oceanic Majesty: The Twelve Apostles" - a painting that captures the heart and soul of this iconic Australian landmark! 

 Approx Dimensions

16 x 16 inches

41 x 41 cm

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