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Plastic Bauble with Fanad Lighthouse on both sides inside the bauble.

Fanad Lighthouse

This oil painting of Fanad Lighthouse was a treasure to paint. It is such a stunning white lighthouse when I was painting it.  I love the way the light stands proud with the Atlantic ocean behind. People have wonderful memories at Fanad Lighthouse.  Among these are proposals engagements, weddings. With the rugged coastline around it . I could see how it stands out. Love painting Fanad Lighthouse.

Shining a light since 1817, this working lighthouse is now open to the public for lighthouse tours. Situated on the northern coast of the Fanad Peninsula in North Donegal, the lighthouse is a signature discovery point on the Wild Atlantic Way - a world-famous coastal route that spans seven of Ireland’s counties, taking in some breathtaking scenery along the way.

One of the worlds most beautiful and photographed lighthouses on one of Ireland’s headlands most northerly headlands in Fanad Co Donegal Ireland.

 The lighthouse has been keeping watch on the marine traffic since 1817.

In 1817 the Saldhana was wrecked in Lough Swilly with the loss of 254 souls with the only survivor the ships parrot.

It was after this tragedy that a lighthouse was built and was first lit on St Patrick's Day1817. It is now a holiday destination with apartments for rental.




These baubles are clear bright plastic baubles with my artworks on can be Christmas or home decoration.  With the artworks on both sides with a beautiful silver string like on top.


 Ramelton is a quaint town to paint. I love to paint these historic buildings. These buildings are interesting to paint. I love the way the water is right in front of these buildings which serves as a reminder of the town's industrial past. 

Ramelton is a heritage town situated on the banks of the River Lennon. It is also the gateway to the beautiful Rosguill and Fanad Peninsula in Co Donegal, Ireland. 

It is a fine example of well preserved Georgian buildings. After the plantation of Ulster it became the main port for the export of the Lennon and up until the 1960s boats loaded with cargo arrived weekly. 

In the early 20th century there were seven churches here, hence it got the name the Holy City. 

It is also the home of the well-known Football Special, the soft drink created by Mc Daid Brothers.



Maghera Warden Beach or Ballymastocker Bay or Tra’ Bhaile Mhic an Stocaire. 

This is a beautiful stretch of sandy beach from Portsalon pier to Knockalla in Fanad Co Donegal Ireland an amazing scenic drive. It has been voted the second most beautiful beach in the world. It is a safe place for swimming and surfing, and it backs onto a very fine 18 Hole Golf Course Portsalon. Also boasts a couple of caravan parks. And is a widely known holiday destination. 


I just love to walk on the White Shore it is such a stunning beach. the waves each time I return are different, I love to capture these waves. Also known as Ballyherrian Bay but to locals is called White Shore. So many visitors walk this beach on another entrance you c the car park behind the  Eeel Burn caravan park. Many mobile camper vans you will see as you arrive. but only a few. In the summer it can be busy, but you can always get a great walk on the White Shore. 

Another entrance is over at Diins Shore and Community center.


The White Shore 

The White Shore is named for its beautiful white sand in Ballyhernan Fanad, Co Donegal Ireland. Situated on the Fanad peninsula to the west of Fanad Head. It is a haven for surfers all year round for its very high rolling waves washing on the shore. 

As you walk from East to West there are great views of Tory Island. This is a stunning beach for long leisurely walks and swimming in the summer months. 

Approx Measurements

31 inches x 14 inches

78.74 cm x 35.56 cm

Frame Included


When the tide goes out you can see the three rocks known as the three sisters.

Maghera Warden Beach or Ballymastocker Bay or Tra’ Bhaile Mhic an Stocaire. 

This is a beautiful stretch of sandy beach from Portsalon pier to Knockalla in Fanad Co Donegal Ireland an amazing scenic drive. It has been voted the second most beautiful beach in the world. It is a safe place for swimming and surfing, and it backs onto a very fine 18 Hole Golf Course Portsalon. Also boasts a couple of caravan parks. And is a widely known holiday destination. 

Approx Measurements

25.5  x 13.5 inches

66 x 30.5 cm

Floating framed included.

BC BONACURE® pH 4.5 Color Freeze Conditioner
Hair is porous and color-treated, highlighted or over-processed.
What it does:
  • Strengthens the hair structure
  • Helps to optimize the pH level to 4.5
  • Provides effective care
  • Detangles and improves combability
  • Helps to maintain color vibrancy and adds shine to color-treated hair
  • Reduces frizz and smooths the surface of the hair
How it works:
A high-performance formula with pH 4.5 balancer technology instantly tightens the inner hair structure, freezing color pigments deep inside the matrix. Reduces color fade and maintains color vibrancy.
Salon exclusive. 


This cute dog called Ruby is full of life and fun. it was interesting painting her. With her shiny black coat. I needed to get the correct expression on her face and delighted to capture that face. I loved to get the background a colour that enhances the dog in the painting.


 Approx Measurements

21.5 inches x17 inches

54.61 cm x 43.18 cm






Approx Measurments

l 9.5 inches x 24 inches

49.53 cm x 60.96cm

This is an unusual painting of mine. I am always on the lookout for unusual ideas to paint. I came across this when I was in New Zealand. I love the way the pick-up is hidden in the shed. I needed to capture that feature. With all the shrubs around and unusual flowers, I loved to paint.

Founded by the Willis family more than four decades ago, Willowbank is still owned and operated by members of the founding family.  With more than 120 000 annual visitors, and growing, Willowbank is popular with local, national and international visitors.

New Zealand’s most comprehensive NZ-themed wildlife park, the Willowbank experience tells the story of our country’s natural heritage.  Using pioneering and innovative display techniques, with an emphasis on creating a natural environment and an up-close and personal interactive experience, Willowbank showcases one of New Zealand’s best displays of native species.  Willowbank was the first to open a glass-free nocturnal house for kiwi in a natural environment, guaranteeing viewings every time.

Willowbank is a New Zealand leader in conservation, with success in many national, Australasian and in-house breeding programmes focusing on New Zealand native and endangered species, as well as many rare and heritage breeds of farm stock.  Scientific research projects, and local partners including the Department of Conservation, the Styx River Living Laboratory, the Rare Breeds Society, the NZ Conservation Trust and the South Island Wildlife Hospital, are supported by and work alongside Willowbank.




Stunning painting of the Great Arch in Oil. Also known as Great Pollet Arch.
This unusual painting of the Great Arch is amazing for me to paint. It is all the detail in the rocks that made it so interesting. With the waters of the Atlantic Ocean around it which I wanted to capture.
The Great Pollet Arch is Ireland’s largest sea arch. This spectacular rock formation was created under the constant influence of the Atlantic Ocean.

The Great Pollet Sea Arch is one of the most stunning sights on the rugged Donegal coastline. Located on the eastern side of the Fanad Peninsula the Great Pollet Sea Arch is one of the largest and most impressive sea arches in Ireland and is an awesome detour off the Fanad Head stretch of the Wild Atlantic Way.

In recent years the Great Pollet Sea Arch has become notoriously difficult to access but the magnificent sea arch is more than worth the effort!

Approx Measurements
 22 x 18 inches
57 x 47 cm

I came across this different and unusual idea to paint when I was on my holidays in New Zealand. Once again camera out when I see unusual ideas to paint. I loved the idea of the wheel being used as a post box with vibrant colours and found it interesting to paint. 

Brooksdale is a farmstead in Canterbury Brooksdale is south of  Lake Rubicon. In New Zealand.

Approx Measurements

 18.5 x 13 inches 

47 x 33 cm 





Silhouette Colour Brilliance Mousse 200ml

Shake well before use. Hold can upside down. Use on towel-dried, coloured hair.

Silhouette Color Care Color Brilliance Mousse provides specific colour care and also protection.

Schwarzkopf Silhouette Super Hold Color Brilliance Mousse. Pure formula with invisible hold.

Silhouette Colour Brilliance Mousse 200ml

Schwarzkopf Silhouette Colour Brilliance Mousse provides super hold while enhancing your hair's colour richness and also brilliance.

Containing a nurturing vitamin complex containing lightweight silicon oil, anti-oxidant vitamin E, vitamin B3, provitamin B5 and also colour protecting UV Filter.

Schwarzkopf Silhouette Colour Brilliance Mousse (200ml) provides a super hold whilst enhancing colour richness and also brilliance. It dries quickly and will brush out easily. Contains a colour protecting UV filter.


IGORA Expert Mousse semi-permanent conditioning colour mousse for colour luminosity and ultimate care.

IGORA Welcome to the world of IGORA, the color of imagination, the first color brand developed with and for colorists. Combining products and services to create highly individual hair color, this fascinating range gives you everything, from harmonious naturals to glamorous & exciting high-fashion tones.IGORA represents the best performance, latest inspiration & real partnership.

Key benefits

  • Luminous shades adding brilliant shine
  • Semi-permanent conditioning colour mousse
  • Lasts up to 8 washes
  • Up to 20% white blending
  • Colour Code: 5-88 - Light Brown Extra Red

Emulsion to foam technology for easy color deposition and perfect conditioning & gloss.

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