Schwarzopf Professional.BC Sun Protect Bikini Bag.

BC Sun Protect Shimmer Oil, 150 ml, (RRP £13.25/ €14.50) This waterproof oil spray protects the sun.

stressed hair and scalp against damaging UV radiation, free radicals, and colour fading. It contains shine

particles and makes the hair look superbly glamorous. The oil can be applied before and while the sun.

bathing. For shiny hair with a shimmering sun-kissed look.

BC Sun Protect Spray Conditioner, 200 ml, (RRP £11.85/ €13.00) This spray conditioner is your perfect

companion for the summer season. It gently detangles and moisturises sun-stressed hair. It reduces

the effect of UV radiation while minimising the damage caused by saltwater, sand, and environmental

factors and smoothing the hair’s surface.

BC Sun Protect Treatment, 200 ml, (RRP £13.25/ €14.50) This deeply replenishing hair treatment was

specially developed for the needs of hair after a long day in the sun. It smoothes the hair while helping

to repair the effect of sun exposure. For healthy-looking, deeply nurtured hair full of brilliance and


BC Sun Protect Travel Set, 3x100 ml (RRP £15.95/ €19.95)

A complete triple sun protect therapy with UV

defence, free radical defence and colour fade

prevention. Contains 100 ml units of BC Sun Protect

Shampoo, Spray Conditioner and Shimmer Oil. The

set comes in a stylish shimmery bikini bag and lets

you enjoy beautifully groomed, well-protected

summer hair during your holidays, while saving space

in your suitcase.

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